Knomad Air Shoreditch, Portable Organiser // KNOMO London


KNOMO London are the people that will get you organised in style. They design bags, purses, cases, sleeves, organisers and even phone cases. Made up of two words, Knowledge and Mobility, KNOMO is exactly that – their designs are perfectly sized, a pleasure to use and, above all, they look great with their simple, sophisticated and intelligent design.


We recently bought a brand new iPad Air 2 and it was a little bit upsetting to put the sleek and beautiful Apple design into an unattractive and impractical sleeve. Then we discovered KNOMO. We bought one of their 10″ portable organisers in a beautiful and unisex rust colour. It can be carried around with ease, we can fit both of our hard drives in it, along with all of the cables we need for charging phones, ipads, cameras etc. It was particularly useful during our long-haul flight to Sydney as the pouches are designed to hold passports too.

In terms of functionality, the best thing about KNOMO has to be the security aspect of every single organiser; when you receive your brand new organiser you will notice that there is a patch on the inside flap with your very own KNOMO identity number. Below this number you will see it says, “IF FOUND PLEASE VISIT KNOMO.COM/MYKNOMO”, this is so if you ever lose your KNOMO organiser, it will be able to find it’s way back home to you. You can’t get much better than that!


Finally, don’t let the sophisticated designs fool you as KNOMO products are extremely affordable. This Knomad Air 10″ Organiser will only set you back £59.

Visit KNOMO to find out more!

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