Carly Long // Painter

Based in Washington, DC, we spotted Carly’s work on Instagram and thought her painted portraits were raw, honest and organic with their course textures and beautiful colours. When she told us she had only been painting for 6 months, we had to feature her. Pure talent.

Here is what she had to say… 

“I paint an array of subjects, though close-up faces/portraits are my favorite. I find that these pieces often tell a story – with just the piercing of the eyes or the curve of the lips, the slight arch of the eyebrow or the lighting that brings out certain features. Whatever it may be, I try to focus on the uniqueness of each individual when creating a piece. I typically paint what is asked of me by my amazing customers; however, I also approach individuals and ask to paint their photographs if it appeals to me. 
I am a self-taught painter. I just began painting this past summer, so my portfolio will only continue to expand. I started painting as a therapeutic outlook. I was enduring some tough times and I wanted to get out of my head. When I paint, I always have music on in the background. I will sit there for hours at a time, not even realizing that the sun is shifting overhead. I get completely lost in my own world, just purely blissed out in creating art and trying to better myself and my skills.”

To have a look at more of Carly’s work:
Website –
Instagram – @carlyal_


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