What Hangs on Our Walls // Top Picks

We thought you might interested in the artwork we hang on our walls here at the studio…

We have spent years collecting rare, awesome prints and these are our top picks that we have on show, pride of place in our studio. These are the prints that we look at every day and still feel so chuffed to own.


Man of Steel // Mondo Print

Man of Steel is Mondo poster, by Martin Ansin. Ed has always been a huge fan of Mondo prints and has quite a collection, but this is his favourite. If you have ever had a go at screen printing, then you can appreciate how ridiculous this is…


Spider Boobs // Olly Moss

Olly Moss is an awesome Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist. This piece, Spider Boobs, is limited edition screen print that speaks for itself; it’s bold, graphic, simple and funny. We own the Artist’s Proof which is pretty dope.

Olly Moss

Sin Will Find You // Puck Studio

We bought this screen print at Pick Me Up, an annual illustration fair held at Sommerset House in London. If you haven’t been, we highly recommend it, you get to talk with the illustrators and artist about their work and it’s just generally a fun day out.┬áThis was hanging on the wall in Puck Studios room at the fair which was setup to look like an old school tattoo parlour; there were big leather armchairs where you could get temporary tattoos put on you, it was great. This print is by Babycrow, an illustrator called, David Gibbons. This is obviously Sin’s favourite piece of artwork…

Puck Studios

Tobias Funke // Sam Spratt

If you haven’t heard of Sam Spratt, then you need to go check him out. He is one of our favourite artists. He has mastered the art of digital painting and uses his skill to create portraits of contemporary characters and celebrities and, well, we have a special place in our heart for Tobias Funke, a character from Arrested Development.

Sam Spratt


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