Helena Vizcaíno Cuenca // Monochrome

Helena, AKA Monochrome, is an illustrator and animator from Spain, currently based in Helsinki. She has a devoted following of fans on her social media accounts, and rightly so, her illustrations are mesmerising, creative and just plain cool…

We got in contact with Helena and are very proud to announce her as our Featured Artist of The Week!

Here is what Helena had to say about herself and her work…

“I am an illustrator from Spain, currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I studied Fine Arts in Valencia (Spain), and graduated in 2013. After that, I moved to Prague where I started to develop my illustration work. The truth is, during my college years, I never knew who I really was and how I wanted to communicate my ideas to the world. After that, I moved to Helsinki and my passion for illustration got really strong!

“I create mostly black and white pictures that mix real life with images that only exist in my mind.”

The process is always therapeutic for me, somehow. I sit in front of my notebook and let my hand do the work. Apart from this, I am very interested as well in animation and graphic design.

I work as a Creative for an advertising agency nowadays in Helsinki, and I have directed an animation short film for children that has won three international awards!”


Find Out More…

The Monochrome Website

Instagram // @iammonochrome

Email // hello@iammonochrome.com

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