KHND Studios // Fashion House

KHND Studios is the creation of 22 year old, Swedish Fashion Designer, Vardges Khndirian. He uses soft, muted colours to compliment his contemporary and minimal designs. We had a chat with inspirational designer…

So tell us about who you are…

My name is Vardges Khndirian, I am 22 years old, based in Sweden. I”m born and raised in Sweden, and of Armenian and Ukrainian descent.

Did you study Fashion Design?

I have not studied any kind of fashion design, I’ve been studying Law for the past five years. So designing has just been a passion of mine, and a dream.

 Why have you named your brand, KHND Studios?

I named it after the first 4 letters in my last name Khndirian. I did so because I wanted the brand to be a personal reflection of me and my vision, but didn’t want to directly name it after me.


“The aesthetic & vision of KHND Studios is to combine minimalism with eye-catching cuts and details.”

Your clothes are stocked internationally… Do you think your minimalistic style has helped to create designs that are versatile and internationally admired?

I think so, minimalism is something that works globally and is appealing to many. The aesthetics and vision of KHND Studios is to combine minimalism with eye-catching cuts and details. This is thankfully something that has been well received from stockists and customers worldwide.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything from raw ideas in my mind, to music, art, other fashion designers, people around me. It is hard to point out some specific sources of inspiration, I try not limit myself in any type of way.

What does the future hold for KHND Studios?

Progression. Developing the brand, growing bigger and improving everything, while maintaining our identity and vision. 

KHND Studios

Instagram // @KHNDstudios

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