Elisabeth Heidinga // Artist & Weaver

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the bold and brave, Elisabeth Heidinga. Originally from France, born in Cologne and based in Toronto, Elisabeth is already a very interesting character which compliments her unique style and method. She creates beautifully handcrafted pieces of art by weaving her own paintings into new and exciting explosions of her emotional style. We got in touch with Elisabeth and found out the lovely and relatable story behind her work…

“One day in my studio a fleeting thought passed my mind and I started cutting up a painting. I had been upset and frustrated for months because I didn’t know who I was as an artist – what my voice and style looked like. I was searching…”

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“I had been painting over paintings, over and over again for months. On that day, everything changed. I decided to make a small sample. I brought it home and looked at it for weeks. It had something that held everything, every part of me and who I am. I felt satisfaction for the first time! Now I paint and cut up my paintings and later randomly weave them back together.” 

The best of us have all had a hard period of time where we question our artistic style and what message we want to convey with our work, so Elisabeth’s story is quite the inspirational one. Her paintings are a reminder of her emotional struggle as an artist and each of the hand crafted final pieces seem to act as a visual story of her overcoming this struggle and finally understanding herself. Once you understand why and how Elisabeth’s paintings are made, they instantly become so much more emotional, beautiful and inspiring.

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