Erika Leahey // Typographer

We are kicking off the final week of April with Boston based letterer, Erika Leahey, as our Featured Designer of The Week! Her very cool and  on-trend pieces are a combination of her awesome typographic skills and her designers’ knack for Type VS Text. We got in touch with the lovely Erika and found out a little bit more about her…


“I’m a freelance letterer and designer in Boston, Massachusetts.”

“After graduating with BFA in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I was pretty lost. I knew I didn’t want to work in an ad agency or a large design firm. Letters were and are my obsession, so I wanted a job that allowed me to focus mostly on hand lettering. It wasn’t until recently that the metaphorical light bulb went off in my mind. I realized that my true passion is to work for myself and with people that share a love of their craft.”

I believe that good design doesn’t need to equate to a of lack story or emotion. I do all of my type work and illustrations by hand before any digital editing. In a world full of constantly evolving technology and increasing impermanence, I prefer to work in a more traditional means. I love history, learning the meaning behind things, and apply that to the projects I take on to tell their story.”

“At the beginning of March I started a “100 Days of Lettering” project in an attempt to find myself through a challenge to create a new piece of lettering every day, for one hundred consecutive days.”

“I’m at the halfway point right now and it has been incredibly rewarding. I draw inspiration from everything surrounding me: something I’ve done during the day, and event attended, nature, songs I’ve been digging, etc. It’s turned into a visual diary and a great outlet to express myself. Most people don’t see an artist’s struggles or thought process on social media, just their triumphs. I think that’s a shame! I believe honesty and sharing your journey is so important, it makes the end result all the more special.”

Not only can Designers and Artists draw inspiration from Erika’s designs and illustrations, but also from her fantastic outlook on life. It is important to remember that if you’re feeling lost within yourself as a creative, readjust your point of view and find out what it is that’s in your way – maybe, like Erika, you need to work for yourself and challenge yourself within your own work, or perhaps you are working for yourself and you need to be bold enough to go to a larger agency and show them how good you are! There is no right way to create, it’s all about staying true to yourself and being confident enough within yourself so it can be reflected in your work.

To see more of Erika’s awesome work, or, to get in touch with her…

Erika’s Website

Instagram // @erikaleahey

Twitter// @erikaleahey

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