Sock Monkey // Matt Blatt

From Matt Blatt’s design store in Paddington, Sydney, we bring you the awesome Sock Monkey! Available in a variety of colours, the lanky limbs of the knitted stuffed toy are designed to wrap around bed posts, lamp posts and anywhere you want to hang you designer monkey. At 70cm long, this toy is not only designed for the most stylish of babies, but also any adults out there who can appreciate good design pieces!


Firstly, if you have never been shopping in Paddington, you are missing out on some of Sydney’s most beautiful, boutique designer stores. One of our favourite suburbs in Sydney, Paddington’s streets are lined with beautiful town houses with lace verandas, shaded by enormous eucalyptus trees. Waking up in the morning and strolling in the sunshine down to the high street which is full of designer stores, cafes and organic food shops is simply heavenly! So if you are ever in Sydney, stop by Max Brenner, pick yourself up a ridiculously delicious espresso and praline milkshake and then shop till you drop!

One of our favourite shops in Paddington, Matt Blatt, is where we found our lovely sock monkey! We have bought him back to London with us and he looks great hanging onto our copper bed!

 For $58, go pick yourself up one from Matt Blatt!

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