Interview with Rafael Mantesso // Jimmy The Dog

He’s been featured by Jimmy Choo, Sony Xperia, late night talk shows and now by us! Deck Studios are proud to announce Our Featured Artist of The Week is the social media sensation, Rafael Mantesso and his dog, Jimmy!

We got in touch with Brazilian Visual Artist, Rafael Mantesso, to find out more about his work, his dog, and his inspiration…




So, introduce yourself to those who might not have heard of you yet?

Im a Brazilian guy, Jimmy’s owner.

You have an enormous following on social media, what do you think it is about your work that speaks to so many different people?

My work is easy to understand. I try to deliver my message without text, without caption. So a girl from china, a kid from the USA or a grandma from Russia could understand it, and it’s easy to like because its humorous and fun.

When was the first time you used Jimmy within your work and what was the inspiration to do so?

The first photo I did that inspired me do all the rest was Jimmy sat behind an empty white cardboard box. It was a trash can box that I had bought and drawn a skeleton on it. Like an x-ray and put Jimmy behind it. It was my inspiration to draw all over my apartment, on the floors, on the walls and create a imaginary world for Jimmy. 

Your book, A Dog Named Jimmy, was a great success and even made it to the Amazon Best Sellers list – do you have any plans for future publications?

Yeah. But its a secret for now!!

Do you produce artwork besides your Jimmy pieces?


What lies ahead for you and Jimmy?

We are working to create a Jimmy Foundation to help sheltered dogs.

Thank you so much for your time, is there anything else you would like to mention?

You are welcome.

Rafael Mantesso has not only produced a fun and relatable series of works, but also, in a way, produced a social commentary; his use of social media is genius and look at how far it has excelled him into this international spot-light. What started out as a fun, creative outlet has lead to something much bigger which in itself has become the art project and we love his work for this reason!


(source: Jimmy Choo, via YouTube)

If you aren’t already part of Jimmy’s instagram community, then go follow him and be part of this contemporary art project!


You can also find out more at their website

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