Catherine Tough // Designer Socks

Catherine Tough uses her talent for textiles and her eye for design to produce playful and contemporary knitware, socks and homewares. It is refreshing to see a designer take a traditional craft and push it forward into the modern world with refined precision. We love our Catherine Tough socks!


“Hand-made happiness for you and your home since 1999.”

Catherine discovered her signature style whilst studying at The Royal College of Art, she graduated in 1999 with a vision of her own brand that would be a showcase of her bold, colourful and playful style. Seeking inspiration from her mother, whom she had spent her childhood observing as she knitted and sewed clothing and homewares for the family, Catherine used her passion for textiles and turned into the successful company she now owns and runs today.

It isn’t always easy to bring old and new together, but Catherine manages to retain the warmth of the heritage that comes with the craft and seamlessly embed it within her knitware. There is also such a high level of quality within the products that is hard to find in today’s over-crowded textiles industry – Catherine and her team work hard to bring British design back to it’s roots, whilst also designing for todays’ consumer and we think they are simply brilliant!

Find out more about Catherine Tough & pick yourself up some of their funky socks at their website!

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