Sylvia Tomayko-Peters // Middle Dune

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters is the brilliant illustrator and print-maker behind the beautiful paper goods company, Middle Dune. Do you find it hard to locate that perfect combination of ‘cute & cool’ when it comes to gifts and cards? Do you want to keep yourself organised in style? Well, look no further…

Middle Dune uses simple and familiar silhouettes to create very lovely printed cards, notebooks and stationary. The clean and crisp printed pieces are kept very minimal which helps the designs appeal to a huge audience, which is not an easy thing to achieve, so we give Sylvia big props for her beautiful brand! We got in contact with her to find out a bit more about her method of working, her inspirations and the journey that lead her to Middle Dune…


“I’m Sylvia and I’m the owner/designer/printer-in-charge behind Middle Dune, a small handmade paper goods company based in Somerville, MA. All of our paper products are designed in house and printed, cut, and bound by hand. I first got into book binding because I was constantly searching for the perfect notebook and figured, why not just make my own? In a way, I created Middle Dune almost by accident. I studied digital art in school and once I graduated I realized that I had little desire to work all day on a computer once no one was forcing me to. While I took it up more as a hobby at first, printing and book binding was such a release that it just stuck. Since then I’ve spent time experimenting (with the help of my mom who is also a printmaker) with silkscreen and letterpress printing.”

“I recently bought a beautiful old Chandler & Price platen press and I’m utterly in love.”


As for my designs, they are inspired by the beach, woodlands, and deep night skies that I’m used to. I grew up on Cape Cod, a small and sparsely inhabited peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and I can’t get away from it’s natural beauty. The name Middle Dune actually comes from the nickname of my childhood house on Cape Cod. We used to say it was one dune away from the beach and one dune away from the road thus is was on the “middle dune.”

 Find out more about Middle Dune…


Instagram // @middledune

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