24k Gold One-Flower Vase // be&liv

We have been fans of design company, be&liv for a while now and we couldn’t resist any longer, so we now have one of their beautiful vases sat in our studio to stare at all day! We liaised with the lovely people from be&liv at Pulse London to find out more about their unique brand and products…



“Be&liv was established in Helsinki in 2012. Our aim is to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully engineered design objects. Every detail is thought-through to offer the highest quality contemporary design. Our designers work with the nature of the material to create organic forms with the most precise manufacturing techniques.”

be&liv is an interior design brand from Finland that aims to revitalize Scandinavian design with beautifully engineered, contemporary products. Unlike your usual homeware, all be&liv products are flat-packed for home assembly. This not only creates a much smaller carbon footprint, but also means many items can be posted like letters. Minimal packaging and worldwide delivery mean be&liv items make for perfect presents. Home-assembly need not be strenuous, either. The assembly of the products does not require any tools as pieces are designed to t together perfectly. The renowned Ilkka Suppanen recently won the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize 2015, one of the biggest design awards in the world. He has designed One-flower vase & Quartet-Candelabra exclusively for be&liv. 

The One Flower Vase, like all be&liv products, comes elegantly protected by the beautifully clean and simple packaging.

The vase is easy to assemble, comprised of only three gold-plated pieces along with the glass tube which slots in neatly at the end, completing the beautiful design.

The minimal design compliments the beauty of a single flower with the industrial metal frame of the vase contrasting and amplifying the delicacy of the petals and nimble stems.

Ilkka Suppanen has definitely designed and created a beautiful piece with the One Flower Vase. The design is like an interactive sculpture, forever changing with it’s environment and allowing the owner to complete Ilkka’s design with their own creative touch.

+ View the whole collection in the be&liv Brochure

+ You can find out more about Ilkka Suppanen at his website

+ Finally, go visit be&liv to pick up your own One Flower Vase!


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