Interview with Christian De Cianni // Lettering Artist

Our Featured Designer of The Week is the insanely cool, Christian De Cianni, Italian Designer and Lettering Artist based in London! He has taken Instagram by storm with his fun and fresh designs, mixing his hand-drawn quotes with contemporary photography. We got in touch with Christian to find out more about his work…

Typography has always been a crucial part of design, used to set the tone of any piece and focus the attention of the artwork to the intended target audience, but Typography has really come into it’s own these past few years, stepping boldly into the spotlight within the Art & Design world. Fun, fresh and contemporary lettering is a form of design that appeals to everyone and it’s clear to see why; it’s cool, it’s motivating and it’s a form of expression for the generation of today.

Here’s out interview with one of the hottest Lettering Artist around at the moment, Christian De Cianni…


So, who is Christian De Cianni?

I’m a 23 year old Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist from Turin, Italy. I’m have been living in London since 2013 and I’m currently working as a Designer for a PR and content agency near Holborn. I have around 6 years’ design experience across UK, Italy and USA. I have had a passion for design since I was around 14 years old and this is what I’ve done since so, nothing else.  My vision about modern design is the “Less is More” philosophy.

When did you first discover your love for typography?

I fell in love with typography and lettering almost 2 years ago when I went to an exhibition in London showing the best lettering artists and typographers in UK… so I started to make my own letters!

Do you have any major influences or inspirations that contribute to your work?

Of course, I think everyone does… my first inspiration came when I discovered the typography community on instagram, people like David Milan (@mdemilan), Lucas Young (@lucasyoung) and recently I love Olguin Daviher’s (@davihero) work because I think we have a really similar style of lettering.

Who would you say your work is targeted at?

To everyone that loves handmade typography and not just a normal font that you can download from the web…

There is a lot of movement and energy within your style of lettering – do you think your work helps to motivate others and do you think this has this helped grow your fan base?

Oh yes! Actually, I only recently started to publish my stuff on Instagram because I thought it was just for travel and food photos, instead it was insane! In around 4 months I went from 0 to more than 20k followers and counting… Also, my work got reposted from popular pages in the design community like @type.gang , @typespire and @thedesigntip, so thanks to them!

You have a massive following on Instagram, what are your views on social media, specifically within the art and design community?

I’m really not a big fan of social media… I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or a Snapchat account…some people think I’m crazy for this reason.

I just use Instagram (@typebychris) and I think it’s the best platform to show people your designs, I think it’s even better than Behance or Dribble. Sometimes I check Linkedin for work and Pinterest for inspiration, but that’s it!

What’s your favourite piece that you have done to date?

These 4 below are my favourite!

What lies ahead for you and your artwork?

I just started a series on my Instagram mixing hand lettering and patterns and I got a huge amount of likes/comments! You should check it out here!

Thanks for your time! Anything else you would like to add?

Follow me on my Instagram profile ( and if you want to know more about me check my website.

Thanks everyone!



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