Maggie Sichter // Illustrator

We’re looking forward to the oncoming week as we take a closer look at the beautifully intricate illustrations of Maggie Sichter, our Featured Artist of The Week! We are just two of her devoted fans, contributing towards over 19 thousand followers on Instagram as Maggie’s personalised illustrations take social media by storm. We got in contact with Maggie to find out more about her and her work…


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 09.29.54.png



“I’m a Chicago based illustrator. My drawings feature tightly controlled linework and bridge a middle-ground between real and imaginary. I love creating patterns that feel like floral arrangements but are peppered with geometric elements for added whimsy.”

“I’m an adventurer with a love of biking, jumping over stuff, cooking and taking as many interesting fitness classes as I can pack into a week. Artistically I make a habit of trying out new mediums: papermaking, glassblowing, screenprinting, rug-making, woodworking: you name it. I stay (very) busy and I love it that way. But most of all – and this is probably no surprise – I love to illustrate. My designs are obsessively small and intricate with a real skew towards natural/botanical and geometric. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love making it.”

Maggie has developed a style of illustration that appeals to such a huge audience, through her intoxicating patterns and brilliant use of negative space. You can truly get lost in her designs when you take a closer look and appreciate the extraordinary detail within each piece.

Maggie creates personalised illustrations for weddings, gifts or just as a treat, (watch this space for a ‘Deck Studios’ piece soon), she screenprints her illustrations and you are able to purchase some of her prints from her shop. Screenprinting is our favourite medium of all time – we have a huge collection of screenprints by some of our favourite illustrators. There is something so indulgent about a fresh, crisp print – knowing that it has been masterfully printed by the illustrator themselves.

Find out more about Maggie…

 + Her Beautiful Website

+ Instagram // @Littlepatterns

+ LinkedIn

+ Behance

+ Get in touch //

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