Taylor Headphones // FRENDS

With their sleek design, interchangeable caps, a vegan leather pouch and some of the chicest packaging around, we are feeling pretty fly in our dope new headphones from FRENDS. Yes, that’s right, we have joined the #WEAREFRENDS Squad, along with the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, Olivia Wilde… we could go on all day, but the point is, FRENDS have emerged as the leading brand in fashion electronics and it’s clear to see why…


FRENDS launched in 2011 with aspiration to connect a personal style with everday life by offering fashionable electronic accessories. The result is a product designed with an attention to comfort, sound quality and aesthetics never seen in the market. FRENDS continues to evolve through collaborations with creatives around the world and is consistently adored for their jewelry-inspired materials, sleek look and warm sound. By constantly innovating and offering must-have products, FRENDS has emerged as the leading brand in fashion electronics.


Branding & Packaging

First of all, let’s give some love to the beautifully chic packaging that our lovely headphones arrived in. Intelligent design allows for maximum view of the product without there being enough space for the headphones to fall victim to damage on their journey to us. The black, snakeskin texture of the box is contrasted by the strong, bold FRENDS logo printed in gold on the front and side of the box. Without even opening the packaging the product already oozes quality and style.


Details & Design

The headphones pretty much speak for themselves on this front, they are chic and sophisticated. FRENDS provide a huge variety of caps that allow one set of headphones to suit every occasion, environment and outfit. The clean, black or white leather is contrasted beautifully by the sharp, gold detailing and the simple design compliments both bold and minimal caps.

As you might already know, Sin is a vegan, so we are pretty pleased with our new vegan leather pouches to safely carry our headphones about it! FRENDS headphones boast intelligent design with their ability to fold-up and fit nicely into their complimentary pouches allowing for ease of use and mobility.



When you wear a pair of such aesthetically pleasing headphones, the first thing everyone will ask you is, “yeah, but is the sound quality actually any good?”, and to be honest be were initially a little skeptical about this too. However, the sound quality is, of course, fantastic. The headphones do an amazing job of blocking out surrounding sounds and the bass is adequately heavy enough for these two, self-proclaimed, hip-hop fanatics.

The headphones sit flush on your chest when worn the correct way around – which is how you can easily determine left from right without having to look at each headphone. However, if you prefer to just look at which way around you should be wearing your headphones, then don’t worry because FRENDS have, of course, got your back – they have avoided slapping those slightly dumb looking ‘R’ and ‘L’s on each headphone and instead, engraved tiny, lovely, subtle ‘R’ and ‘L’s on the inside of each headphone, maintaining the chic design. They also have a simple 3-button microphone so you can answer calls or watch your snapchats without any hassle.

Finally, probably one of the best features about the Taylor FRENDS headphones is the memory foam that cushions and molds to your ears with each use. The headphones are so comfortable that they truly are a pleasure to use. The headphones are fully adjustable and are made with great flexibility so no matter how big or small your head is, you can listen to music in style too!

Ed wears Taylor Supertrash 18ct Lions Head

Sin wears Taylor Gold Smoke Resin

Pick yourself up some FRENDS at their website!

Make some new FRENDS and follow @frends on Instagram!

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