Sofi Azaïs // Graphic Designer

Based in London since 2013, Sofi Azaïs is a French Graphic Designer. We take a closer look at one of our favourite projects by Sofi, titled, Alphabet, as we celebrate her as our Featured Designer of The Week! The talented Graphic Designer talks typography, inspiration and print design

462500_8b82e86acab44dc0952593a1f9daf43d.jpg“After few years in London I specialised in print design. I aim to create innovative visuals within the realms of editorial, branding and exhibition design. From notable fashion and luxury brands to small independents, from print to digital, each collaboration is, for me, the opportunity to challenge a new approach of design to create innovative story while always keeping in mind the unique essence of the client.”

“Challenging the traditional design rules, I like to play with experimental typography and layout.”

2016, A3 poster, 50 copies, printed in Risography with Gold Metal ink
Alphabet is a custom typeface. Playful, it’s a mix of geometric shapes and patterns dedicated not only to kids but also to their parents. Using patterns and various style lines, ‘Alphabet’ is a playground which allows one to create various illustrative layouts just using letters and typesetting.”

Sofi’s portfolio includes some brilliant examples of her branding, editorial layouts and packaging designs, however, we chose to focus on this typography project as it showcases her personality, as most personal projects do. The clean, contemporary lines and the use of negative space helps to transform each letter into an interesting and clever piece of design. Beyond the Graphic Design elements of Alphabet, the curation of the posters is innovative and creative. The draping of the printed posters, down the wall and onto the floor, echoes the playfulness that Sofi wished to bring forward in this project. The bright, contrasting colours compliment this ‘playful’ theme too, providing a brilliant consistency to every element of this project.

It is important, as a Designer, to refine and develop every aspect of your project, from concept right through to curation. It is clear to see that Sofi Azaïs is a well-practised, intelligent designer and a great source of inspiration and knowledge for those wanting to take their work to the next level!

Check out the rest of her work at her beautiful website and keep up to date with her work on Instagram, she is definitely one to watch!

Find out more about Sofi…

Sofi’s Beautiful Website


Instagram // @sofi.azais


Email //


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