Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the incredible, Francesco Camillo Giorgino, AKA, Millo! The Italian Artist is internationally known for his multi-storey murals that are featured in most of the major cities across the globe. Painting on such a large-scale is a dream come true for many Artist and Illustrators, so we find out more about how Millo achieved this dream and what it means to him…

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0004.jpgFirstly, we have to know, how do you go about designing, planning and then painting such enormous murals?

Usually, I do not do any sketches before painting my walls, once I arrive I use the surface and character of the wall to realize what I will paint. I paint free-hand with a long pole and brush suspended on a cherry picker, then I move closer to the wall and I start to paint with a bucket of color and some brushes.

In 2014 you won the B.Art Competition, which allowed you to paint a 13-storey building in Turin. Before this life-changing opportunity, did you know this was the format you wanted to work in?

I started working on completely different surfaces from walls, and I must admit it was a little staggering the first time someone entrusted me with a wall. But everything came out well working at that large scale, in particular, it just felt very natural. Before Turin, I had already noticed similar big wall murals and I really loved that kind of format. I think that Turin gave me the possibilities to try new techniques and new scales, but it especially gave me the possibility to test my speed.

Your murals aren’t hugely abstract, yet the meaning and emotion behind every one of your pieces evokes mystery and intrigue. Do you maintain a central concept or message within your work or do you like to leave it up to the viewer to interpret your work in their own way?

I usually notice in my works, a big chaotic city, a kind of generic city that could echo any city in the world and then my big characters. My works are generally focused on the relationship between the habitat and my characters, who are always awkward, the wrong size, and up to something. They are the emotional part of my works, people have seen them as children, aliens and magical beings. To me, they’re the purest part of all of us, everything we have forgotten how to be. The thing I enjoy is how my work is read: Everyone is free to find their own meaning, even if, usually, my titles give a bit of a clue.

millo-minskThailand, China, Morocco, Holland, Milan,  Rome, Barcelona… It sounds like a dream come true for any artist! What is it like to travel the world, visiting all of these amazing places and getting to leave behind one of your landscape-changing pieces?

These last years have been really amazing, I have had the opportunity to travel a lot.. I’ve been in China, in Thailand, Australia, in nearly all European nations.. and yes, I left in each country a piece of me. It’s difficult to explain in words how I feel, I try to show it by drawing, but for sure this kind of life, is something unforgettable for me.

What’s your favourite piece to date and why? 

“I do not have a favourite piece, every single one represents a different moment of my life.”

Do you have any words of advise for Illustrators and Artist who want to make the jump from paper and canvas to multi-storey murals?

I tried, so just try!

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