The Box // NakNak

You know when you try to create that clean, minimal, contemporary work or living space, but then you realise that you can’t really use anything without ruining the ‘pinterest-perfect’ aesthetic? Well we have discovered the perfect solution to the piles of books, pencil cases, magazines, ipads and Wacom tablets that we had lying about, ruining our lovely studio space, so we thought we might share it with you… From the brilliant Taiwanese design company, NakNak, we take a closer look at The Box. Simple, sturdy and stylish, The Box is one of many beautiful creations from Yenwen Tseng, Design Director of NakNak…

nak logo


mainpage_qhooksWhat is the story behind NakNak?

“Taiwanese manufacturers played a major role as a supplier from 1970 to 1990. As an OEM partner, the business model is to lower production cost and reduce the margin as much as possible. But after these twenty years, what’s left? Many factories moved offshore, to places like Vietnam and China, where there is a much lower production cost. Maybe factory buildings are easy to transfer to other countries, but not for experienced technicians.”

“We found that some workshop and skilled technicians who decided to stay in Taiwan, happened to be the core competence in the industrial field. Thus, in 2013, Yenwen Tseng, Design Director of NakNak, teamed up with different backgrounds and co-founded NakNak based on a family-owned metal workshop.”

Your branding & designs are so on-point. How do you achieve this high level of quality and style?

“We developed the brand first and then set up the range of the collection later. We talked about ‘what is the value that NakNak wants to introduce to people’, and, ‘how do we present our value through collections’. We felt that our living space has become smaller, but the desire of consumption has become much larger. Thus, a successful way to organize your space, emotion, and lifestyle is necessary. The workshop is good at wire bending and sheet folding techniques that require experience and workmanship. Using these techniques we can create visual light effects and strengthen structure at the same time. Designers who have worked with us explored the possibility of using these two major techniques. NakNak aims to bring people joyful and imaginative organizational solutions, for the home environment, enriching and simplifying modern life by connecting international designers and the workshop.”

We admire the brand ethos of NakNak as it is quite rare, these days, to find affordable, high-end design products for the home or workspace. NakNak’s focus on contemporary designs made by skilled technicians, as well as their ability to create such simple and practical products is truly inspirational. We had to get our hands on some! We now have a large white box and small pink box sat proudly in our studio…


The minimal and chic branding of NakNak doesn’t stop at their products, the packaging that our boxes arrived in was so aesthetically appealing that we actually hung onto them for a few days before accepting the fact that the reason we got the boxes in the first place, was to avoid clutter in the studio!

IMG_6391The Boxes are able to hold a lot more than we initially thought and we ended up clearing all of the clutter-filled surfaces in our studio. The clutter, somehow, even looks nice now it is sat in our Boxes and we have had to direct many admiring eyes in the direction of the wonderful NakNak so they can purchase their own!

In terms of quality, you can instantly see and feel the products have been designed and manufactured by proficient and technical metalworkers. The boxes are quite heavy, but this seems to be an intentional design feature that we only noticed when we started using them; reaching and quickly grabbing things, throwing pencil cases and magazines in there and even accidentally knocking the boxes, it’s all fine, because they stay-put! Don’t worry about the thick, heavy metal scratching your beautiful floorboards though, NakNak have, of course, already thought of this – the boxes come with a bag of little rubber stoppers that simply pop into the holes in the base of each box, helping the boxes grip to the floor, whilst also stopping any damage the the surface below. Genius!

If you want to find out more about NakNak, or, invest in your own box, then visit their website. Also, if you admire their designs, branding and ethos as much as us, then show them some love on Instagram!


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