Crafted Watches // Komono

We’re sticking to our deadlines in style, thanks to our new watches from Komono. Their beautifully simple designs come in an array of gorgeous colour palettes and textures to subtly compliment your outfit of the day. On a budget? Don’t worry because Komono is one of those rare brands that manage to create chic and beautiful designs at an affordable price, so much so that we want to shout about it a bit, so join us in taking a closer look at Komono’s lovely Fall ’16 collection…Komono Logo - 2015-page-001_1216917427.jpg

KOMONO is a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories, and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft. KOMONO is a lens on global fashion, crafted with care and delivered on time. KOMONO means “small things” and its members share a passion for distilling the best of culture into its simplest forms. KOMONO is the perfect blend of Vision and Timing. KOMONO is global fashion at your fingertips.


We opted for a His & Hers combination of the Estelle Mirror Gold Blush for Sin, with the Winston Regal for Ed. Just two examples of the perfect colour palettes used by Komono. Both pieces boast Japanese quartz movement, stainless steel backing, genuine leather wrist bands with brushed gold cases.

Komono have used subtle and simple design features to create the soft, femininity of the Estelle piece, whilst the Winston Regal embraces masculinity with its strong burgundy and navy colour scheme, contrasted with the slightly more pronounced numbers, lines and ‘KOMONO’ logo.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.32.37.png

kom-w2265_flat-low_2048x2048As Designers, we are always a little bit too excited about the packaging and branding of our new products and we were not disappointed with the simple boxes our Komono watches arrived in. Each box matched the wrist band of its respective watch, with the lovely cracked, blush leather of Sin’s watch and the deep, smooth mahogany of Ed’s one. ‘Komono’ was modestly gold foiled into two of the corners of the boxes, with the logo subtly embossed along the top edge. Perfect.


We have been digital watch folk until now and the reason we avoided analogue designs was simple, the ticking. Analogue watches are, aesthetically, a lot more pleasing to wear and look at than digital ones, but we have always reverted back to our Casio Classics after that first night of unpeaceful sleep. As sad as it might sound, these small design features are sometimes the most important, hopefully you agree…? Naturally, one of our favourite features of our new Komono watches is the silence – no ticking, thank you, Komono! RIP Casio.



If you want to check out the full collection, head over to Komono!

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