The Box // NakNak

You know when you try to create that clean, minimal, contemporary work or living space, but then you realise that you can’t really use anything without ruining the ‘pinterest-perfect’ aesthetic? Well we have discovered the perfect solution to the piles of books, pencil cases, magazines, ipads and Wacom tablets that we had lying about, ruining our lovely studio space, so we thought we might share it with you… From the brilliant Taiwanese design company, NakNak, we take a closer look at The Box. Simple, sturdy and stylish, The Box is one of many beautiful creations from Yenwen Tseng, Design Director of NakNak… Continue reading “The Box // NakNak”

Interview with Zai Divecha // Designer & Metalworker

Our Featured Designer of The Week is Zai Divecha, otherwise know as Elektra Steel! The San Fransisco based designer makes wall hangings using her badass metalwork skills. We speak to Zai about her niche craft, learn more about the industry and get some top-tips for getting involved in metalwork…

Continue reading “Interview with Zai Divecha // Designer & Metalworker”

Taylor Headphones // FRENDS

With their sleek design, interchangeable caps, a vegan leather pouch and some of the chicest packaging around, we are feeling pretty fly in our dope new headphones from FRENDS. Yes, that’s right, we have joined the #WEAREFRENDS Squad, along with the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, Olivia Wilde… we could go on all day, but the point is, FRENDS have emerged as the leading brand in fashion electronics and it’s clear to see why… Continue reading “Taylor Headphones // FRENDS”

森田 春菜 ‘Haruna Morita’ // Ceramic Artist

We discover the beauty behind the works of Ceramic Artist, 森田 春菜  ‘Haruna Morita’, this week as we proudly announce her as our Featured Artist of The Week. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Haruna’s work reflects the fragility of clay and takes on the form of excavated ancient artefacts and bone fragments. Inspired by long lost pieces from the seabed textured by sediment, Haruna uses techniques to make each piece look so delicate and as though it has been thinned by age. We spoke to Haruna to find out more about her craft and inspirations…  Continue reading “森田 春菜 ‘Haruna Morita’ // Ceramic Artist”