Sylvia Tomayko-Peters // Middle Dune

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters is the brilliant illustrator and print-maker behind the beautiful paper goods company, Middle Dune. Do you find it hard to locate that perfect combination of ‘cute & cool’ when it comes to gifts and cards? Do you want to keep yourself organised in style? Well, look no further…
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Catherine Tough // Designer Socks

Catherine Tough uses her talent for textiles and her eye for design to produce playful and contemporary knitware, socks and homewares. It is refreshing to see a designer take a traditional craft and push it forward into the modern world with refined precision. We love our Catherine Tough socks!
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Sock Monkey // Matt Blatt

From Matt Blatt’s design store in Paddington, Sydney, we bring you the awesome Sock Monkey! Available in a variety of colours, the lanky limbs of the knitted stuffed toy are designed to wrap around bed posts, lamp posts and anywhere you want to hang you designer monkey. At 70cm long, this toy is not only designed for the most stylish of babies, but also any adults out there who can appreciate good design pieces! Continue reading “Sock Monkey // Matt Blatt”