Interview with Travis Huggett // Photographer

Along with many others, we recently got a little bit obsessed with an on-going Photography series, Last Night at The Bus Stop. The simplicity of the series allows the photographs to speak for themselves. The strange, eerie and occasionally comical portraits, evoke that sleepy, uncomfortable and horribly familiar feeling that we all know a bit too well! We got in touch with Travis Huggett, an inspiring, New York based, Photographer, who also happens to be the brilliant mind behind, Last Night at The Bus Stop…  Continue reading “Interview with Travis Huggett // Photographer”

Crafted Watches // Komono

We’re sticking to our deadlines in style, thanks to our new watches from Komono. Their beautifully simple designs come in an array of gorgeous colour palettes and textures to subtly compliment your outfit of the day. On a budget? Don’t worry because Komono is one of those rare brands that manage to create chic and beautiful designs at an affordable price, so much so that we want to shout about it a bit, so join us in taking a closer look at Komono’s lovely Fall ’16 collection… Continue reading “Crafted Watches // Komono”

The Box // NakNak

You know when you try to create that clean, minimal, contemporary work or living space, but then you realise that you can’t really use anything without ruining the ‘pinterest-perfect’ aesthetic? Well we have discovered the perfect solution to the piles of books, pencil cases, magazines, ipads and Wacom tablets that we had lying about, ruining our lovely studio space, so we thought we might share it with you… From the brilliant Taiwanese design company, NakNak, we take a closer look at The Box. Simple, sturdy and stylish, The Box is one of many beautiful creations from Yenwen Tseng, Design Director of NakNak… Continue reading “The Box // NakNak”

Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the incredible, Francesco Camillo Giorgino, AKA, Millo! The Italian Artist is internationally known for his multi-storey murals that are featured in most of the major cities across the globe. Painting on such a large-scale is a dream come true for many Artist and Illustrators, so we find out more about how Millo achieved this dream and what it means to him… Continue reading “Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist”