Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the incredible, Francesco Camillo Giorgino, AKA, Millo! The Italian Artist is internationally known for his multi-storey murals that are featured in most of the major cities across the globe. Painting on such a large-scale is a dream come true for many Artist and Illustrators, so we find out more about how Millo achieved this dream and what it means to him… Continue reading “Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist”

David Gee // Doodle Illustrator

Our Featured Artist/ Designer of The Week goes to the awesome illustrator, David Gee. His work falls into the very popular category of ‘doodle illustration’, a style of drawing that people from all walks of life can appreciate! We got in touch with him… Continue reading “David Gee // Doodle Illustrator”