Oh, To Be Young & Creative // Motivation

So, you’re young & creative, you have finished studying, you’re in the real world, now what..?

We have all been there – we were there just last year! We have some friends who have questioned how we have the energy and motivation to do what we do, so we thought we would write a little bit about what motivates us the most… Continue reading “Oh, To Be Young & Creative // Motivation”

24k Gold One-Flower Vase // be&liv

We have been fans of design company, be&liv for a while now and we couldn’t resist any longer, so we now have one of their beautiful vases sat in our studio to stare at all day! We liaised with the lovely people from be&liv at Pulse London to find out more about their unique brand and products… Continue reading “24k Gold One-Flower Vase // be&liv”

Sock Monkey // Matt Blatt

From Matt Blatt’s design store in Paddington, Sydney, we bring you the awesome Sock Monkey! Available in a variety of colours, the lanky limbs of the knitted stuffed toy are designed to wrap around bed posts, lamp posts and anywhere you want to hang you designer monkey. At 70cm long, this toy is not only designed for the most stylish of babies, but also any adults out there who can appreciate good design pieces! Continue reading “Sock Monkey // Matt Blatt”