Marbled Weekly Planner // SkandiDesign

We’re feeling effortlessly stylish with our brand new Black Marbled Weekly Planner from SkandiDesign, a London based design company dedicated to producing products that are on-trend, understated, affordable and beautiful quality. SkandiDesign products are all produced in the UK, which is so refreshing to hear in a world where mass production under poor labour conditions is a real issue. We got in contact with Gilly Tilson, the creator of SkandiDesign, to find out more about the company and her story… Continue reading “Marbled Weekly Planner // SkandiDesign”

Oh, To Be Young & Creative // Motivation

So, you’re young & creative, you have finished studying, you’re in the real world, now what..?

We have all been there – we were there just last year! We have some friends who have questioned how we have the energy and motivation to do what we do, so we thought we would write a little bit about what motivates us the most… Continue reading “Oh, To Be Young & Creative // Motivation”

Elisabeth Heidinga // Artist & Weaver

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the bold and brave, Elisabeth Heidinga. Originally from France, born in Cologne and based in Toronto, Elisabeth is already a very interesting character which compliments her unique style and method. She creates beautifully handcrafted pieces of art by weaving her own paintings into new and exciting explosions of her emotional style. We got in touch with Elisabeth and found out the lovely and relatable story behind her work… Continue reading “Elisabeth Heidinga // Artist & Weaver”