Sofi Azaïs // Graphic Designer

Based in London since 2013, Sofi Azaïs is a French Graphic Designer. We take a closer look at one of our favourite projects by Sofi, titled, Alphabet, as we celebrate her as our Featured Designer of The Week! The talented Graphic Designer talks typography, inspiration and print designContinue reading “Sofi Azaïs // Graphic Designer”

Interview with Michelle Carlslund // Illustrator

Our Featured Designer of The Week is the absolutely lovely, Michelle Carlslund! We got in touch with the Danish Illustrator to find out more about her work and she was able to give us a truly insightful look at her process and shine a light on how to become a successful Designer and Illustrator…
Continue reading “Interview with Michelle Carlslund // Illustrator”

Maggie Sichter // Illustrator

We’re looking forward to the oncoming week as we take a closer look at the beautifully intricate illustrations of Maggie Sichter, our Featured Artist of The Week! We are just two of her devoted fans, contributing towards over 19 thousand followers on Instagram as Maggie’s personalised illustrations take social media by storm. We got in contact with Maggie to find out more about her and her work… Continue reading “Maggie Sichter // Illustrator”