Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist

Our Featured Artist of The Week is the incredible, Francesco Camillo Giorgino, AKA, Millo! The Italian Artist is internationally known for his multi-storey murals that are featured in most of the major cities across the globe. Painting on such a large-scale is a dream come true for many Artist and Illustrators, so we find out more about how Millo achieved this dream and what it means to him… Continue reading “Interview with Millo // Artist & Muralist”

Interview with Zai Divecha // Designer & Metalworker

Our Featured Designer of The Week is Zai Divecha, otherwise know as Elektra Steel! The San Fransisco based designer makes wall hangings using her badass metalwork skills. We speak to Zai about her niche craft, learn more about the industry and get some top-tips for getting involved in metalwork…

Continue reading “Interview with Zai Divecha // Designer & Metalworker”

Interview with Joanna Jensen // Illustrator

An interview with Danish Illustrator, Joanna Jensen, Our Featured Artist of The Week! Joanna has developed a strong artistic identity through her experimental watercolours, which will fly you away to one of her tranquil worlds that she creates within her pieces. Using vibrant, marbled textures, contrasted with beautifully detailed fine line illustrations, Joanna’s work will take you on a journey into the mind of a brilliant Artist… Continue reading “Interview with Joanna Jensen // Illustrator”